Taobao bunny bag found here

It’s really nice quality, all finished seams and lined. The lining is synthetic fabric/not soft, the outside feels like vinyl. Would recommend.

Do we have to be off anon to ask u for the link to that cute backpack ; A ; also a review would be cool q u q

Sure! It’s right here

I’ll post the photos soon!

got a bag from taobao thanks to a friend yay

I promise there will be some new art this weekend, it’ll be cute, stick around @^@ also I think I bruised my tailbone

if you’d like a link to the bag or a review lemme know!

Heading back to virginia tech, seven hour trip
U guys are gonna be so mad when u all find out how little I post during the semester haaha

Sewed my own striped fabric for zia’s pants + cut out all of the pieces

gonna sew it all together today hopefully wooo

Her new balance outfit is super cute

she’s super cute (i want a tsuntsun waifu _=͟͟͞͞(꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ」 ∠)_ )

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mori marceline

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pixel brats

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@_@ little midna

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tiny sleeping isabelle

was gonna be animated but it looked bad eugh

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