catarinacrossing's giveaway prize! Shipped out (finally;;)

I doodled on the card, hopefully it doesn’t get damaged in the mail. 

ilovetherainonlywhenimalone replied to your post: Made Thai red curry with shrimp for di…

is your stomach the size of a golfball……………………….

@_@ I don’t get it. those plates are 11” across like regular dinnerplates, and i ate three servings, that’s a lot of food bruh

On your art, where it says do not use without credit- does your own signature that you've put on each individual drawing count as credit? Are you asking us to not remove your signature? Or to add an additional credit somewhere?

It depends! In general it’s just saying please do not repost it as your own or crop out my signature (i’ve had that happen on instagram).

If you post it anywhere else, please link it back to my tumblr for credit and tell me if you do! I really don’t like finding out from friends or on my own that someone took my drawings and put them on their sites.

For icons and backgrounds and sidebar stuff, I don’t mind (just keep my signature in it), it’d be really awesome if you could link me to it because I love seeing my art in use :3

My boyfriend bought me two brooches from an Etsy store called FeltCute for my birthday! I wanted to post this here so people could find out about her adorable handmade stuff. Review under the cut:

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I’m 20 today and yet my plush collection continues to grow.

Thanks sugarum for the alpaca :3

post it note name tags @_@

bad photos lol oops

Made Thai red curry with shrimp for dinner :3

So so good, had three plates

Workin on cute envelopes for my boyfriend’s birthday in between classes

Taobao bunny bag found here

It’s really nice quality, all finished seams and lined. The lining is synthetic fabric/not soft, the outside feels like vinyl. Would recommend.

Do we have to be off anon to ask u for the link to that cute backpack ; A ; also a review would be cool q u q

Sure! It’s right here

I’ll post the photos soon!

Please read my FAQ before asking any questions! Thank you