Industrial design screen print :3

didn’t like my other one @_@



transparent bg

please do not repost/use without permission

i decided to try to watch kyoukai no kanata and oh my god it’s so cute. i’m a massive sucker for moe crap :’c

transparent as usual

please do not repost without permission, thank you!

i gave in and got dual destinies

oh also transparent

crappy doodle before i go play it wooo


art block + projects suck

please do not remove source/use without permission

Dora or Nana maybe? :333

I’ll put them both on the list! i’ll probably only draw Nana though (mb? idk)

I’m closing art requests now! the list is incredibly long. will reopen after i get it down to a manageable number, thanks everyone…
copyright report or contacting the user and telling them to stop. i was surprised to see this. good luck

I mean i commented on both images so they should see it. I didn’t think it was a big enough deal to report them for copyright @_@ i guess i will, they’ll probably just put other stolen art from other artists up even if they take mine down. thankssss!

Hello, we don't know each other, but I am part of the ACNL community, primarily on Instagram. Today someone pointed out an account claiming art, your art, as their own. I can't stand art thieves so I took it upon myself to discover the source, and was obviously successful. If you have IG, the account is @strawberrycrossings and if that is in fact you I apologize, I just find the cropping out of signatures suspicious.

thank you so much for messaging me! i don’t really go on instagram a lot (i mostly post about industrial design, my username is lokivoki ) so i wouldn’t have seen this otherwise.

I really appreciate you sending me this @_@ i’m not sure what I can do about it?

EDIT: if anyone has advice other than to comment on the images, please tell me!