idk what i’m ddddoin

accessories i would like to ownnnn ahh monomi backpack

transparent as usual

Cuttin 4 days

i finally got around to finishing sdr2

what a bunch of absolute bull shit :(


when i try to download your brush settings it says the download is malicious (malware) is there any way you can fix it? D:

Um! D:

sI have it set up under my personal dropbox? It’s just a regular .zip file :<

Is anyone else having this problem? or has a possible solution…

Is there anywhere else i can upload it for you guys to DL it?

idk if people care for this kind of stuff but

i put together a character clothing reference/breakdown sheet for Zia from Bastion (working on making this outfit for NYCC, figured I’d share).

I compiled a big ass page of screencaps (of in-game + supergiant art) to figure out what exactly her outfit is. Didn’t put colors on it b/c they vary so much. Doing one of her harp guitar later

wanted to draw a little mudkip on a marimo ball after seeing this post

just a quick doodle

EDIT: made him transparent if u want a lil mudkip on a marimo for your blog

Just to show you how stupid i am i thought that picture of the villagers you drew were all named loki and im like thats odd why would they all have the same name and then i saw your url and went oh

LOL awww

that’s really cute actually

Can I have a snuggle? I'm feeling sad T^T

here you go!

How many hours you have in Animal Crossing?

I have about 270 hours @_@

i haven’t picked it up in two months though :c (i messed up the date on my DS accidentally, and it’s too much work to think about to fix w/o losing my villagers)

Hi there! Could you possibly share your (most used) brush settings?

i am gonna make a FAQ hahah

here you go anon! (go here for .zip DL of my brushes)

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