I’m doing a really quick giveaway! I got an extra shiny gengar code from the Gamestop by me, I figured someone would maybe want it.

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Pros of wearing all black: looks so badass

Cons: everyone knows I had powdered donuts

lokiroki howlsmovingcasserole Stage crew Caitlin with doughnuts in the backseat of Steve’s car JFC never forget

YOU DONT KNOW ME | ू •ˇ⌓ˇ• )

The cutest dog i saw while on my way to the dining hall ♡〜 ◝(°꒳°*)◜₎₎

@_@ wanted to do an alternate outfit for isabelle, i think she would look adorable in overall shorts to work in

madoka doodle in fairy kei fashion

I realized I never posted the full envelope I drew for my boyfriend

This has been sitting in my drafts tab for like three weeks oops shit, here you go.

Some work I’ve been doing for a public restroom sinks project (hospital patient rooms).

Doop Doop finished Zia for NYCC.

I’ll (hopefully maybe) be going to Otakon with a Kid and a finished harp guitar!

signedcd0 replied to your post: don’t ever take a history of architect…

first time teacher, who is supposedly better but no one in architecture has taken her before

She’s a visiting professor because Hilary is not at tech this semester. She has way more thorough lectures/information, but we have 45 buildings (name, date, city/country, architect, and 1-3 important facts), 10 of which she’ll pick and show an image slide of for 1.5 mins per building, and 120 vocab words (which will translate into compare/contrast short answer questions) on our first exam (of which we only have three including the final). Yyyyea lol

don’t ever take a history of architecture course, it will ruin your life.

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